ATDA Timeline

2007:  ATDSCS opens at its original site at the Double Eagle Airport.

2009:  ATDSCS moves to its current site near Coors and I-40.  Sports, school dances, and many other programs are implemented.

2011:  ATDSCS becomes a nationally accredited high school.

2012:  ATDSCS's charter is renewed for an additional five years through APS.  The school changes its name to ATDA.

2013:  ATDA adds 50 new computers and 60 new tablets to the campus as the first steps of a major technical upgrade.

2014:  ATDA enters its eighth year of successful operation.

2015:  ATDA adds two new buildings to accommodate increasing enrollment and new programs.

2017:  ATDA adds new signage, a guard building, and other facility improvements in preparation for an eleventh year of operation.

2018:  The ATDA charter is officially renewed for another five years of operation.























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