What is ATDA?

Albuquerque Talent Development Academy is a 9-12 tuition-free public charter high school that focuses on encouraging students to become self-motivated, independent, self-directed and lifelong learners in an ever-changing world.  Our educational focus is comprehensive, targeting academic, personal, and social growth.  Our school has several features that allow us to ensure a positive, successful experience for our students, including several that are unique to ATDA among Albuquerque area schools.  Please feel free to explore our website and/or to contact the school to learn more about us!

Our 2014/2015 Informational Document is a great place to start if you'd like to learn about some of the unique processes we have at ATDA, including our process for continuous improvement and details on how we use data to support and drive our practices.  In addition, we invite you to take a look at the most recent version of our 2014/2015 WebEPSS document, which is our Educational Plan for Student Success.  You can access these documents here:

ATDA 2014/2015 Informational Document

ATDA 2014/2015 WebEPSS (Updated 12/13/14)


Why We're Different

* Max student population of 200 and average class size of less than 20

* Monday through Thursday regular schedule with available Friday School

* Bussing available from the Westside (contact school for more info)

* Technological instruction (40% Computer-Aided, 60% Teacher-Based)

* Personalized Education Plans for all students that are self-paced

* Cutting-edge technology including a SMARTLab and SMART Boards

* Safe school environment including cameras in every classroom

* Flag Football, Basketball, and Volleyball sports teams

* Active Student Council and Parent Advisory Council

* Social events such as Homecoming, Prom, and Fall Carnival

* Exciting electives, including Art, Art History, Astronomy, Computer Fundamentals, and more

* Available TESOL-endorsed Language Arts classes

* Available tutoring and credit recovery courses

* Dual Credit partnerships with CNM and UNM

* Available distance learning from the Johns Hopkins Center

* AdvancED accreditation

Our Address

Albuquerque Talent Development Academy

1800 Atrisco Road, NW

Albuquerque, NM  87120

Phone:  (505) 503-2465

Fax:  (505) 831-7031

Next Governing Council Meeting

Saturday, March 21, 2015 - 8 AM


Advanced Accreditation

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